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Veterinary Referral Surgical Practice is a veterinary clinic located in Atlanta Georgia that provides advanced surgical services to pets. They specialize in orthopedic, soft tissue, and neurologic surgeries, and offer a range of diagnostic tools and treatments to ensure the best possible care for their patients. The clinic is staffed by experienced veterinarians and technicians who are committed to delivering compassionate and personalized care to every pet and their owner.



Categories : UI/UX, Web

Import Points

UI/UX Design

Web Maintainance

Project Description

For VRSP, a veterinary surgery website based in Atlanta, we revamped the user interface and user experience. We was also responsible for integrating the new design into the website build, and we continue to maintain the site even after its completion.

tools that used

Important Tools and Skills used in this project

  • HTML Language
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CSS Language


Image editing


We used Photoshop to adjust image sizes and create banners for the site.

Advance CSS

Cascading Style Sheets

Advance CSS

We utilized CSS to style and enhance the appearance of the website, ensuring a clean and professional design.

Advance HTML

Markup language

Advance HTML

We used HTML 5 to create a responsive and modern design for the project.

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